Water Mitigation

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When you have water in your home, you want it gone — now! Water creates problems very quickly and must be addressed immediately to stop further damage and expenses. It is incredibly important that the removal and cleanup process is thorough. This is to ensure future problems like mold and structural rot.

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Flood waters are a major offender when it comes to extensive damage situations, however, in most cases it is the often overlooked areas that cause the most problems. Broken pipes can also be common cause of damage, causing gallons of water to come flooding through your living rooms, bedrooms, kitchen and bathroom. These problems need to be fixed immediately. Putting off these repairs can be extremely costly as water can lead to structural decline and content damage. If you are in need of cleanup in any area of your home or business, give us a call!

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Water Damage Services Indianapolis INFor all flooding and burst pipe issues A+ Restoration is on alert when we enter your home or business. Leaky or frozen pipes, sink or toilet overflows, or malfunctions of washing machines, refrigerators, water heaters or dishwashers, our certified and trained technicians look beyond just the surface to find moisture and start a thorough and complete drying process.

Once structural drying is completed, the repair process can begin and all damaged walls, ceilings, carpet and hardwood floors can be cleaned and repaired or replaced.

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Every job is supervised by an IICRC-certified project manager or lead technician. With proper training, tools, and equipment A+ Restoration delivers standard to help you through a terrible and stressful situation and help get your home or property back to its pre-loss condition.

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