Water damage in your home can have devastating effects. It’s a stressful situation, which can also lead to costly and time-consuming repairs and restoration. When you suffer water damage to your home, the first reaction is normally to panic; but it’s vital that you act quickly to minimize the effects.  If you take timely and decisive action, you can often ensure that your home and belongings are salvaged and protected from the worst impact of the damage.   

In short: the faster you respond, the better the chance you have of rescuing and saving your precious belongings and possessions. 

Here are four vital things you should do when your home has suffered water damage.

1. Take safety precautions when leaving or inspecting your home

No matter how severe the water damage, it’s crucial to ensure that you, your family, and other residents living in your home are safe. In the event of flooding, make sure small children and vulnerable family members are removed from the property. If you or any other adults need to enter the part of the house that has been affected by water damage, make sure that all electricity is switched off. If the primary electrical panel is located within a flooded or water-impacted area, call an electrician immediately to come and help switch it off. When entering the home after flooding, wear protective gear, such as boots and gloves. 

2. Remove furniture and papers from the affected space as quickly as possible

When it is safe to enter your home, make sure you remove furniture and household items as quickly as possible to prevent any further damage and start to dry them out. Also look for important documents, books or papers, which are very susceptible to water damage.  Keep a lookout for mold. Mold can start to grow within a day of a flood, which is why it is essential to dry your belongings as soon as possible to prevent it from growing. 

3. Call your insurance company

Make sure you call your insurance company to check if you can claim for damage compensation. Document everything that has been damaged (with photos) to send to the adjuster. The adjuster will likely come to the home to assess the damage and determine eligibility for claims on the loss. However, insurance companies have different policies and coverage, so be sure to check your plan.

4. Contact a water damage restoration service

Water intrusion often causes serious damage to walls and flooring. If this has happened to your property, make sure you contact a local water damage restoration service as soon as possible to get started on the repairs. Experts will be able to help with the heavy lifting and help restore your home back to normal. No matter how large or small the damage, a water restoration service will make your situation a little less stressful.

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